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Managing Chronic Disease and Discomfort

Managing Chronic Disease and Discomfort, MARCOTTE ACUPUNCTURE $40-60 sliding scale in El Cajon, La Mesa. Santee, Lakeside, JamulSo, you live with chronic disease... how do you manage it?

  • know that a chronic health complaint is one that has lasted for at least 3 months
  • learn as much can about your specific chronic health issue, so you know how best to treat it and learn how NOT to aggravate it
  • know that chronic health complaints generally don't go away 100%, forever
  • treat the pain and discomfort you are experiencing as your body's message for help, because it is
  • try different ways to relieve and/or manage and decrease your symptoms consistently (daily, weeky, monthly) and use the ones that work and that you like (create your health management toolkit)
  • as you begin exercise or any new treatment, listen to your body and heed its cues and limits
  • be your body's partner in health maintenance, with love, regularly

I have chronic low back pain. I have lived with it since my late 30s. After some time, trial, error and making the rounds of different types of treatment therapy- acupuncture, herbs, massage, exercise, chiropractic, pharmaceuticals, stretching, yoga- I figured out what worked for me and what I enjoyed. This was about the time I began acupuncture school. 

Acupuncture school taught me many things, chief among them how the body actually works. Armed with this new knowledge, I now knew how to differentiate a chronic health complaint from an acute one, and that chronic health issues require regular consistent treatment. So, I began creating my toolkit. Today, and for some time, my LBP (Low Back  Pain) management toolkit consists of regular aerobic and calistenic exercise and a daily full-body stretching routine. This is what works for me. What works for you may be different. After all, I see many patients for chronic LBP, as one piece of their pain management toolkit is acupuncture and herbs. 

The point of this blog is... don't ignore your chronic health issue. Your body needs your help to address it. There is likely no magic treatment to make it go away 100%. So, make peace with it and explore what works for you. And when you've found what does, use it regularly. You can be your body's partner in healing and health maintenance.