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Welcome - MARCOTTE ACUPUNCTURE $40-60 sliding scale in El Cajon, La Mesa. Santee, Lakeside, Jamul


What is different about Marcotte Acupuncture?

I have a Hybrid Clinic- You have the choice to be seen privately or in a community setting, after your first private New Patient visit. I offer both styles affordably because I have learned, both are often necessary to offer quality treatment and make acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to the un and underinsured community. So, you can spend as little or as much time to ask me questions. And you have the option of sharing group energy, enjoying the solitude of a private treatment or both! I offer treatment tables and reclining chairs, so you are in the most comfortable position during your treatment, for your specific health complaint.

I offer affordable acupuncture and TCM- Most acupuncturists treat privately and charge between $65-$175 per treatment. I don't, because it's not necessary, and I believe health care, and this IS health care, is a right. It is my mission to make acupuncture and TCM as affordable as possible and still make a living. Using a Hybrid Clinic model, I can make acupuncture more affordable. But I can't do it without you!

I do not contract with insurance companies. They dictate the number of treatments they cover, decide what they will pay for, or not (they mainly only cover treatment for physical pain) and do not cover every American. Acupuncture and TCM treats a wide array of health complaints insurance doesn't cover. And until this country provides health insurance for every American, this clinic chooses not to contract with insurance companies. If you have insurance that covers acupuncture, I am happy to give you a payment receipt and you can submit it.

My Commitment to You

I want to make it possible for you to receive acupuncture and TCM regularly enough and long enough to get better and stay better. I want to give you the tools to take care of your own health so that you do not need to rely solely, or heavily, on costly interventions. I provide a safe environment and a skilled, experienced practitioner.

What I need From You


Acupuncture and TCM is a wonderful compliment to modern western medicine, but it is not a replacement for it. If you think you have a serious problem, you need to see a primary care physician. However, I do provide complimentary care for conditions which require a physician's attention. But you need to take responsibility for your own health.

I do not receive grants, state or federal money, or insurance reimbursement. Marcotte Acupuncture exists because patients pay for their treatments- it is a sustainable community business model.


Acupuncture and TCM is a PROCESS. It is very rare for an acupuncturist to resolve a problem with one treatment. In China, a typical treatment plan for a chronic condition can be acupuncture every other day for 3 months! Most patients don't need that much acupuncture, but virtually every patient requires a course of treatment, in order to get what they want from acupuncture and TCM.

One big reason my prices are so low is because I depend on the marketing my patients do on my behalf- your success and commitment , in partnership with mine, will be what makes Marcotte Acupuncture work.

During your New Patient visit, I will suggest a course of treatment. This treatment plan is based on my experience with different cases and types of health complaints. If you don't come in often enough or long enough, acupuncture probably won't work for you. The purpose of my affordable fee structure is to help you make that commitment. If you have questions about how long it will take to see results or you think you need to adjust your treatment plan, please talk to me about it. I need you to commit to the treatment process in order for you to get good results.

And last, but not least... enjoy the space! I do. And I hope Marcotte Acupuncture can become an important part of your community. Thank You.

Marcotte Acupuncture...     

provides high quality acupuncture and TCM at affordable rates in a supportive environment. Research in the U.S. ( as well as thousands of years of tradition in Asia ) shows acupuncture and TCM is most effective when it is done frequently and regularly- once a week is usually the minimum required to make progress on any kind of health complaint. The purpose of my fee structure is to separate the issues of money and treatment; I want you to come in often enough to really get better and stay better!

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Welcome - MARCOTTE ACUPUNCTURE $40-60 sliding scale in El Cajon, La Mesa. Santee, Lakeside, Jamul

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