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Testimonials - MARCOTTE ACUPUNCTURE $40-60 sliding scale in El Cajon, La Mesa. Santee, Lakeside, JamulTestimonials

Jean R

I first met Michelle by chance at a function we both attended. At the time, I was dealing with a chronic case of diarrhea, which wasn't being resolved by following instructions (diet, medications, etc.) from my doctor. After visiting with Michelle and learning about acupuncture, I decided to try a new approach.
I have the highest praise for Michelle! I was happily surprised that after only a few sessions, my problem had significantly improved, and has since been resolved.
Michelle is a knowledgeable, compassionate, insightful person. She's a good listener, is filled with a plethora of helpful information, and has positive input on a variety of issues.
I'm very grateful to Michelle for all the positive, practical, beneficial advise. She truly is a (one-of-a-kind) remarkable healer.


Glynna H

I went to Michelle after 15 years of back pain and on the recommendation of my chiropractor. After ONE treatment my chronic pain was gone! I followed the treatment plan and did all the follow up appointments, and have been pain free for months now and on monthly maintenance. Traditional medicine wanted to inject my spine, covering the problem, but not solving it. Michelle gave me my life back, my ability to do the things I love without pain. Highly recommend!!!

Carla H

Michelle's acupuncture techniques and great Qi Gong advice, how to keep hydrated, eat well and overall healing suggestions have helped me in so many ways. The acupuncture relaxes my neck and shoulders- relieving a lot of pain and stiffness after just 1 hour of treatment. The calming naps I take while the needles are in, have helped me cope with the grief and sadness from the loss of my mother who I cared for in our home for 17 years. The acupuncture and qi gong have also helped lessen the pain and numbness in my hands and wrists from carpal tunnel. Recently, at Michelle's suggestion I had a complete medical exam in which I discovered my blood pressure was too high and I needed different BP medication. I am very healthy otherwise, which is a great relief to know. I feel so much better now! Michelle goes out of her way to make me comfortable during treatment and is a friendly and helpful soul. I thank God for all she has done to help me.


Jani D

I was in a car accident and wasn't healing quickly. I had had acupuncture before and knew it would help me heal but most places are way out of my budget as a single mom to go with any consistency. I love this place. The prices are reasonable and you can tell she truly cares about you and your well being. 

Marlene E

Michelle’s ability to listen with compassion and respect is key to the results she is capable of delivering. Great job!

Teri L

I have been seeing Michelle for almost 1 1/2 years on a weekly basis.
She helped me from a very difficult time. I have arthritis all over my body and can no longer take anti-inflammatories that may increase tendency to bleed. Michelle has helped me stabilize my system and minimize my pain. She knows my system and can tell me when something is not aligned as it usually is and helps me get things back in order.
In short, Michelle is very knowledgeable as well as very easy to talk to and she can help you feel better!

Randy B

I’m very impressed with the helpful and professional approach of Michelle Marcotte. This approach has been consistent since day one, about a year or more. Thank You

Summer M

Michelle was knowledgable and professional and my acupuncture treatment was so relaxing I wanted to spend the night!

Adrienne V

Absolutely Awesome, Amazing and Incredible! Very Professional & Excellent knowledge of Acupuncture and how to help relieve pain and discomfort. My Gratitude to Michelle Marcotte!

Amber H

I had a very good experience. I scheduled more appointments.Very welcoming and knowledgeable.


I have been working with Michelle for four weeks and the results are remarkable! She is knowledgeable and professional. She is also a great listener and kind. A true healer. I recommend others to her weekly.


Doris C

I went to acupuncture because for about 20 years I had a lot of difficulty sleeping. Through working with Michelle, I am now sleeping soundly throughout the night. It has changed my life! I am so blessed I was referred to her. I am grateful that she cares and took the time to research and work with me to accomplish this! She is very professional, caring, and brilliant!

Alaine H

I have been seeing Michelle for over a year on a weekly basis. I never liked acupuncture before but since I've been using Michelle I've seen positive changes in my overall health and well-being. She is like my health counselor, she checks in with me weekly to give me hints, encourages me and helps me pinpoint causes of stress and discomfort so I can begin to work through them. Her prices are so reasonable and her quality is so high that as a super picky consumer, I keep coming back.


Amber B

Michelle is absolutely wonderful. She makes me feel very comfortable and safe, and makes it very easy to relax. I was very nervous about trying acupuncture but she answers all my questions and makes sure I am always feeling good. Within the past 5 weeks I can say I have noticed a total positive change on what we have been working on and I always look forward to going back. So if you are looking for clean, comfortable, affordable care Michelle is the way to go!

Nancy T

Michelle knows her business I've had pain and stress for long periods and she has done wonders for my problem. I've recommended her services to all my friends. She is also very affordable .

Jeannie R

One of the reasons I chose to go to Michelle Marcotte is that she is a licensed acupuncturist and certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner who also holds a Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She is extremely knowledgeable about different diseases and ailments as well as the many different approaches to treatment. Michelle has a compassionate bedside manner that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. She listens carefully to your needs and communicates her knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine. As you share your symptoms with her, Michelle is able to look beneath the surface and get right to the root of what is causing the problem. If you have never had acupuncture before, it may take a few visits before your body responds to the treatment. Once it does, the wonderful relief it provides feels like nothing short of a miracle.

Acupuncture, herbs, holistic nutrition, and holistic health education are tools you can use regularly to create and maintain a healthy and balanced mind and body.

Testimonials - MARCOTTE ACUPUNCTURE $40-60 sliding scale in El Cajon, La Mesa. Santee, Lakeside, Jamul

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