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Community Acupuncture $20-40

Fridays 3-7

What is Community Acupuncture?

It is acupuncture treatment in a group setting. I treat you in recliners or on a table if you prefer. The more comfortable you are, the better the treatment. Most needles are placed below the knees and elbows. And on the face, head, ears, neck and shoulders. CA is designed to make acupuncture accessible, affordable and comfortable. It is part of acupuncture tradition in Asia, and now thanks to POCA, here and around the world.

How do I use Community Acupuncture for my specific health complaint?

First, we need to determine whether your complaint is acute, chronic, a flare of a chronic condition, basic stress or just for fun. 

  • Chronic Conditions- have lasted 3 months or longer and require at least 2 treatments/week for 6-8 weeks to get you to 70% improvement or better. And then you need a maintenance plan of acupuncture anywhere from 1/wk to 1/mo to hold your improvement. Your body will let you know what it needs.
  • Acute Conditions- have lasted 3 months or less and require you to get as much acupuncture as you can anywhere from 1-3 weeks to get you to 70% or better. 2x/wk is the minimum. The quicker and more often you are initially seen for an acute complaint, the faster you will heal.  
  • Flares of a Chronic Condition- we use an acute tx plan, see above.
  • Basic Stress- 1/wk until the stressor/s have lessened and/or you have created and/or tweeked your stress management tools to help you adjust and manage what you are going through.
  • Just for fun- whenever and how often you come is up to you. Enjoy.
  • Herbal formulas can be added to any acupuncture treatment plan or used alone for a variety of health complaints. If you have a question please ask!


Tuesday 9-6
Wednesday 9-1
Thursday 9-6
Friday    9-12

Community Acu Fridays 3-7