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Fall and your Immune System

Fall and your Immune System, MARCOTTE ACUPUNCTURE $40-60 sliding scale in El Cajon, La Mesa. Santee, Lakeside, Jamul

We are moving from Summer into Fall. And it's a time when we enter both the driest season of the year and one of the most challenging for our immune systems. For those of us with chronic issues like Asthma, Allergies, recurring Upper Respiratory Infections, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and consistently recurring colds and flus... it is important to strengthen our immune systems and care for our Lungs this time of year. TCM herbal formulas, Qi Gong, TCM Dietary Therapy and Acupuncture are all options you can use to strengthen your body and prepare it to take on the challenges we face in the Fall. Here are some tips for you...

  • Immune +  is a simple and powerful formula specifically designed to strengthen your immune system. Your TCM practitioner can order it for you.
  • Qi Gong has specific postures that can strengthen your own body's qi/energy. Postures like Empty Force, that strengthen all 3 energy centers, are excellent at building your immune system and strengthening your lungs.
  • Food Therapy kiwis will build your lung strength, pears will moisten the lungs when you are too dry, certain mushrooms will strengthen your immune system and drain damp when you are too phlegmy. Learning how to listen to your body so you are able to determine when and how to eat based on your digestive system's strength and ability to digest food is an invaluable skill your TCM practitioner can teach you. When you learn this, you are becoming your own healer.
  • Acupuncture can do it all. It strengthens your immune system, your lungs, your digestive system and addresses all your symptoms. It will help you heal and prepare your body for the yearly season changes and their effects on your mind, body and spirit.

As your Acupuncturist and TCM practitioner, I have been trained in all the skills above and can help you address the issues that your body faces as fall comes around. If you find you need me, I hope to hear from you.