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What is a Sliding Scale?

Sliding Scale fees were created to make services more affordable to a wider group of people. A Sliding Scale fee structure reflects a business's commitment to make its services more affordable, and to recognize that our finances can fluctuate. Sometimes we have more money in our pockets, and sometimes we have less. And most of us in this country are low and middle income.

Here at Marcotte Acupuncture, you look at the sliding scale and decide what you can afford to pay from $40-$60 dollars. I do not check your income. I leave it up to you. And I also have discounts for people who pay ahead, and who come in more than once a week.

One of the reasons I do this is because I have always paid for acupuncture and basically most of my health care, out of pocket. I do not have health insurance and haven't for most of my life. I go to community clinics for acupuncture and western medicine and use their sliding scales to pay for my treatment. Another reason I use a sliding fee scale, and do not take insurance is insurance companies decide what and how often they will pay for treatment, regardless of what a patient actually needs. There are mountains of paperwork we must submit to prove we should get paid for our services, most insurance companies pay practitioners less than our actual fees and it is not unusual for our "requests" for payment to be denied- which means we can treat you and never get paid for our treatment of you. Also, if we contract with an insurance provider, we are not allowed to not see a patient who carries that particular insurance, no matter how busy we are- ever wondered why it's so hard to get an appointment or speak to a doctor?

When health insurance covers everyone, regardless of income, affordably and covers treatment for all the things acupuncture and TCM can treat- which is almost everything that isn't an emergency- I may begin accepting insurance. Until then, it's a sliding scale.

And thank you for supporting my ability to make a living as affordably as possible by choosing to spend your dollars here. I cannot do it without you.

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